Why Hog Power Energy?

We provide energy independence and protection from rising energy costs.


For too long, farms have been held hostage by electric companies. With no other option, you've been forced to accept their rates and perpetual increases.

The Numbers

70,000 hog confinements exist nationwide.

Each consumes 50,000 kW of electricity annually.

$184,000,000 is spent on electricity for hog confinements annually.

The cost of a generator averages $10,000 and will need to be replaced within 10-15 years (and serviced every few years).

The hog industry has spent over 1,200,000,000 for new and replacement generators, which provide no energy savings.

Hog Power's Solution

The Self-Contained Solar Generator: A new energy choice.

If Hog Power Self-Contained Solar Generators are purchased instead of basic generators,
$400 - $500 of electricity would be offset per month.