About Dolf

©Varial* Cedric Houin

©Varial* Cedric Houin

Dolf Ivener, owner of Hog Power Energy, is a fifth generation Iowa resident and farmer. He has been a general contractor for nearly 20 years and has owned King of Trails Construction, Inc. since 2002. Recently, he can be found "selling sunshine." Dolf has been installing solar systems on businesses, residences, and farm irrigation pivots and has been recognized locally and nationally for his contributions to the solar industry.  

“Solar just sits there and creates electricity,” he says. “And that’s what makes it so scary to the oil industry.” Since creating the first Self-Contained Solar Generator, Dolf and Hog Power Energy are providing YOU protection from rising energy costs. Finally, a choice that offers energy independence AND saves you money. 

Dolf Ivener is at the forefront of entrepreneurial thinking and execution in the application of solar technology to real world agricultural applications.  From business concept to physical execution, Dolf has the first hand, real world, hands on experience to deliver on what he promises and provide solutions for agriculture that benefit producers and investors, harnessing the power of the sun.  Dolf’s direct, no BS approach and extreme passion are refreshing and critical in the rapidly evolving convergence of the world’s of solar and agriculture.

- David Bernstein, State Steel Supply Company