The Hog Power Package

When you choose Hog Power Energy's Self-Contained Solar Generator as your alternative energy source for your hog confinement, you are provided with the following:

  1. The Self-Contained Solar Generator (SCSG), which includes:

    • Hog Power shipping container (20 feet)

    • 20 kW battery

    • Battery Management System

    • 15 kW inverter

    • 11 kW solar system

  2. 24/7 Monitoring

    • We monitor the system 24 hours/day. 

    • You can choose to monitor the system as well, or leave it to us.

    • Either way, we'll notify you if there is an issue.

  3. Warranty

    • All products come with a third party factory warranty.

    • Solar panels have a 25 year warranty.

    • Inverter has a 10 year warranty.

    • Battery has a warranty.

  4. Energy Savings

    • Hog Power's SCSG will offset between $300 - $500 of electricity per month.

  5. Delivery/Installation

    • The entire unit will be delivered and installed by a hog power contractor.